Privacy & Cookies Policy

Cookie Policy

This site uses cookies – small text files stored on your computer through the browser. These are used to facilitate some of the features of the website, such as storing items in your cart and determining if you are signed into an account. At any time these can be deleted by clearing your browser’s browsing history and ensuring that deletion of cookies is also selected.

Privacy Policy

Accessing the Site

Any time you access a page on the website some data is stored. This is limited to the page that was visited, the time the page was visited and your browser’s user agent (a small piece of text identifying your operating system and browser). This data is stored for a period of two weeks for the purposes of detecting and preventing fraud and malicious activity. This data is never used to determine user behaviour or modify your experience on the website in any way.

Checkout/Order Placement

If you place an order through the website some details will be requested from you in order to facilitate the completion of the order and to verify that the order is in fact legitimate. These details are your name, email address, billing details, shipping address, phone number and IP address. This information is stored for a period of two years unless early deletion is requested. Sensitive payment details such as credit card numbers or account details are never collected, stored or accessible in any way, shape or form. This information is processed by a secure and accredited third party depending on the payment method used.

It is necessary to share your address with a shipping company when you place an order. This will be either Royal Mail or CollectPlus, depending on the size and requirements of the delivery. If you would rather your details were not shared with a certain shipping company, please indicate this when placing your order. An additional charge may be required in this case, as prices indicated are usually the most competitive.

Account Creation

An account can be created to store your details to allow for convenient placement of future orders. Account creation is entirely optional and can be done before or during checkout. When your first order is placed, the details used are stored with your account and can be changed at any time through the “My Account” area. Your account, along with all personal information, will be deleted in two years if you do not sign into your account.

Your Rights

Your rights under the GDPR and UK Data Protection Act are maintained. If you are based outside of any European Union member states, your data will still be processed in accordance with the GDPR for your privacy.

At any time you may request that personal data is rectified or removed, a full copy of all data held on you be provided, the deletion of any data held on you or the sharing of your shipping information with specific companies is prohibited. In the unlikely event of any misuse or breach of your data, you have the right to be informed in a timely manner. Please use the contact form here to request any of the aforementioned actions.

If you have any queries or concerns about this policy, please get in touch through the contact form or details available here.